“SME Instrument” - New European Program for Small and Medium Enterprises

The new European Program “SME Instrument” for small and medium enterprises in the framework of HORIZON 2020, is specifically designed for individual or groups of highly innovative enterprises with international ambitions, determined towards solid development and destined to become market winners with their innovative business ideas.

Eligibility for Grants: Single or groups of SMEs (consortia with at least 2 international partners (separate legal entities) from different EU countries (at least 3 in total)).

Summary: The program provides a complete circle of support for business innovation, from the stage of conceiving an entrepreneurial idea and a product design (Phase 1), through its evolvement into a business plan and demonstration (Phase 2), and ultimately its commercialization (Phase 3). Participants will have consulting support and guidance at their disposal, in addition to training in business innovation management, during their project.

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