Participation in the brokerage event “Research & Innovation: the Key to Development” organized by the Federation of Hellenic Food Industries and the Hellenic Technological Platform “Food for Life”

SEVT is the Federation of Hellenic Food Industries which represents the interests of food and drink manufacturers at national and international level, and whose mission is to cultivate an environment conducive to investments, in which all companies of the sector -regardless of size- can thrive. In 2009, SEVT created the Hellenic Technological Platform “Food for Life”, following the model of the respective European Technology Platform. Bringing together a broad array of stakeholders, including enterprises, universities, research centers and public entities, this platform serves as an idea pool allowing for priority-making, so that research activities in the field are integrated in a comprehensive strategy, with a view to magnifying the impact of research results to the benefit of the consumer and at the same time improving the competitiveness of the country’s economy.

One of the main activities of SEVT and the Hellenic Technological Platform “Food for Life” is the organization of brokerage events aiming to establish communication channels between industry and academia. On the 10th of November 2016, a brokerage event under the title “Research & Innovation: the Key to Development” was held in Thessaloniki, with the participation of key stakeholders who analyzed the present-day perspectives for innovation in the sector, while representatives of academic and research institutions of Northern Greece showcased their projects and presented scientific findings that could find an application in the food industry. The most significant outcome, however, was the networking between entrepreneurs and researchers who gathered together in order to exchange ideas and examine the possibility of a future collaboration.

Mr. Kokkinoplitis participated in the event, as he has been appointed as a member of the Steering Committee which maps out the strategy of the Platform, takes the decisions, evaluates national priorities in the area of research and enters into constructive dialogue with all competent authorities, as well as with other regional, national and European platforms.