Business support for research and innovation activities

Strategic Innovation Planning:

  • Inspection of the enterprise’s innovation capacity through innovation stress tests and benchmarking with similar organizations on European and global level.
  • Exploring the needs of the enterprise in terms of research, technological development and forming a plan of development for the consolidation of an innovation culture.
  • Identifying and prioritizing the needs for technological development and new investment opportunities.
  • Development, restructuring and organization of the R&D department, through the scope of competitiveness and innovation.
  • Techniques for product development, reverse engineering design of products and observation of global competitors on a technological level. Assessment and evaluation of technology trends, market know-how and monitoring technological competitiveness – reverse engineering.
  • Support throughout the entire life-cycle of new product and its development, from the conception of an idea, its design, production prototypes, process design and stages of production to its introduction to the market and its evolution throughout the current trends.

Bridging research and commercial results:

  • Extending the network of company contacts to include research institutes. Locating trustworthy partners with experience and knowledge of the interest areas (Higher Education Institutions, research institutes, enterprises, research labs etc.) and interconnection between them.
  • Interpretation and commercial application of research results.
  • Assistance in areas of innovation management and intellectual property issues, as a means of serving the strategic development of the enterprise.
  • Transfer of acquired know-how into the enterprise.

Aid in funding – implementation of research projects:

  • Financial Tools.
  • Support in submitting, monitoring and conducting research and development programs.

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