Implementation of open innovation practices

The combination of limited resources and the constant introduction of new, innovative practices in the market, makes the choice and evaluation of promising research projects the most crucial and challenging process in the life-cycle of innovation management. In this framework, the basic element of services provided by RISE, consists of support and guidance for businesses and organizations in adopting the Open Innovation model.

Through purposeful research and direction, we promote smart solutions, aiming at an innovative approach in every stage of the process. To achieve this goal, we foster an Open Innovation model, which today is the most certain guarantee for success, irrespective of the difficulties in implementing this paradigm.

Among the thousands of potential and available options for collaborations and partnerships, we select those who are most able to contribute to the highest degree in reinforcing the technological infrastructure and innovative performance of your business.

We support and guide our clients towards development and profitability, through the development and implementation of an open innovation strategy, by providing services which relate to:


  • Access to and use of specialized knowledge and information, to gain a competitive advantage on the market.

  • Obtaining know-how and innovation from external sources and developing collaborations with strategic partners, crucial to growth of the company.

  • Making sound decisions for planning and undertaking research projects, which reflect the needs of the organization, with consideration to growth, development and technological trends.

  • The network and co-operation means through broadening the available sources of innovation.

  • The formation of groups, which will explore the possibilities, evaluate and obtain knowledge from other bodies through co-operation, synergies and common projects.

  • Building up the client’s profile, so that they will present an attractive choice for reliable partners, aiming to share common benefits.

  • Utilization and co-management of relative information within and outside the organization, via co-operation.

  • A focus on problem solving, in order to gain a head-start on the competitive market.

  • Reinforcement of the client’s ability to react to market changes, through exploiting research results and observing the forming of technological trends and scientific developments.

  • Blending the internal needs of the business with ideas and proposals from a community pool of knowledge, readily available for direct use.

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