Know-how transfer to public administration (Ministries, Regions)

Support in submitting, monitoring and implementation of research and development programs.

  • Mapping of each region’s clusters, in order to determine the potential on regional level.
  • Utilization of Innovation indicators on regional level, assessment of how effectively a regional economy processes knowledge into innovation and development.
  • Design and reorganization of new regional structures and processes.
  • Compilation of territorial co-operation and strategy programs, combining financial resources and tools.
  • Improvement of regional policies on employment, the development of skills, training and education.
  • Embracing a common vision and identity for the region, based on knowledge, innovation and excellence, with the aim of sustainable growth.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship for the development of new competitive initiatives.
  • Establishment of motives and the appropriate framework for a viable transfer of knowledge, technology and knowhow between SMEs and regions of different innovation capacities.

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